CNG Fuels extends capacity to 3,000 trucks per day

Two new public-access bio-methane fuel sites are being installed by the fuelling company CNG Fuels.

Part of a plan to open five such sites this year across the UK, the first two are being installed at Warrington and Birmingham. This move stems from growing demand for such facilities by HGV fleet owners.

CNG Fuels currently has two sites at Leyland and at Crewe. The company says that the two new sites will now allow its network to refuel up to 3,000 HGVs a day.

Philip Fjeld, CEO of CNG Fuels, said: “Renewable and sustainable bio methane allows companies to achieve deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, cut pollution and save money – no wonder demand is soaring. Our customers are already planning to order hundreds of new bio methane fuelled trucks in 2019 and we have interest from companies which run a third of the UK’s HGVs.”


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