Co-Op uses Digital Goodie platform for home deliveries

As part of its plans to launch a new online grocery delivery service, Co-Op has chosen the Digital Goodie Connected Commerce platform.

The Digital Goodie platform is being Beta tested for shoppers within a 4km radius of a Kings Road, London store. Eight further London stores are to have a delivery service soon as well. In the near future the service is to be extended out of London to other urban centres as well.

The Digital Goodie Connected Commerce Platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables retailers to have an online presence that is seamlessly connected to its brick and mortar stores.

Co-Op’s development of the Digital Goodie system includes a personalised e-commerce website, a fast home delivery fulfilment solution and efficient connections to payment and logistics providers.

Chris Conway, head of food digital at the Co-op, said: “Our new online shop and delivery service is an essential part of our expanding digital services to our customers. In this project, we have been very excited to work together with a modern and agile technology company such as Digital Goodie. The newly launched service is a result of our fruitful cooperation and agile development.”


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