Consignor to enter UK market

Nordic based delivery management software company Consignor has announced plans to enter the UK market. The company has said that it is now, “Establishing itself in London to help British companies to streamline their shipping process”.

Commenting on the move, Steffen Pasgaard, Vice President at Consignor, said: “We see a great potential in improving freight and delivery in the UK, as it is a country where especially the e-commerce industry is growing fast. Both e-tailers and other businesses with shipping needs will achieve huge economic benefits in being effectively connected with the carriers, since delivery is a crucial part of the supply chain.”

Pasgaard continued: “Recently we have experienced an increasing demand from customers and partners to support the UK market in the platform. This means that we already have active British customers using Consignor as a central part of their delivery process. Therefore, it was natural for us that Britain would be the next step in our growth strategy. ”

Gary Carlile, the Managing Director for Consignor in the UK, added: “British retailers often replace carriers or add new services in line with carrier development and customer requirements, and with the world’s largest carrier library, retailers will have all the choices they need in just one platform.”

The Norwegian company has undergone a rapid recent expansion over the years. Established in Norway in 1997, Consignor has since expanded to Denmark (2002), Romania (2006), Sweden (2009), Finland (2011), China (2015) and now the UK. It has a turnover of €14m annually with over 130 employees helping with over 100 million parcel movements between 10,000 customers annually in the markets it already has access to. With the UK e-commerce market best described as turbocharged, this is a very good time for the company to make a move across the North Sea.