We hope that our published research will tell you what you need to know. However, sometimes people need to understand a more specific segment of a market, a different geography, a market that we haven’t covered yet or the positioning and prospects of a specific company.


Where you need something different, we’d be delighted to help.  It may be that what you are looking for is something that we are already working on and we can share an early draft.  Or we can carry out a specific piece of work, either as a multi-client study, or specifically for you.


The main areas where we work are shown to the right.  However, our senior people have a background in strategy consulting with firms including Bridgewater, Burlington and AMR, which has given us experience of tackling a broad range of project types. Whatever the context, if you would like to get in touch, we can discuss the best approach to get you what you need.

Custom market analysis
Research and evaluation of your required market to your desired scope. May include market quantification, competitor insights and intelligence, analysis of drivers and forecasts


Commercial and operational due diligence
Between us, the founders of Apex Insight have carried out over 150 commercial and operational due diligence reviews for banks, private equity and corporate investors.
Frequent questions concern market attractiveness, competitive position, customer relationships, process effectiveness and performance relative to best practice levels. We can help you to crystallise the best scope for your needs and find some answers.  
Read more about some of our recent projects and feedback from our clients


Primary research
We have deep experience in designing and carrying out primary research exercises, from conducting face-to-face interviews with senior-level decision-makers to managing large-scale telephone or internet-based surveys. We have even more experience in analysing these findings to provide useful data and actionable results


Growth strategy
Our work is outward looking and fact-based: market entry strategies, search and screening programmes for new partners, customers or acquisition targets, benchmarking.