UK Used Car Finance: Market Insight Report 2024
Report on how used cars are financed. Includes all secured finance arranged at point of sale or elsewhere. Includes profiles of 25 leading lenders and our forecasts for market growth to 2028
February 2024 View
UK Point of Sale Finance / Buy Now Pay Later): Market Insight Report 2023
Also known as retail finance, in-store credit or store instalment credit, point of sale finance refers to loans provided by, or on behalf of, a traditional or online retailer to enable a consumer to make a specific purchase. Includes Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) offerings.
May 2023 View
UK Non-Prime Consumer Credit: Market Insight Report 2023
Review of the market for consumer credit agreements with average fixed interest rates over 30% per year. Includes High Cost Short Term Credit, Home-collected credit, Instalment credit, Motor finance, Credit card and other revolving loans, Pawnbroking, Logbook loans, Guarantor loans and Rent-to-own. Market size and our views of historical and forecast growth rates, market drivers and lender profiles.
March 2023 View
European Non-Prime Consumer Credit: Market Overview 2021
Overview of non-prime lending across Europe. Market size by country. Main lenders, where they operate, size and positioning. Key regulations which shape the market.
November 2021 View
UK Consumer Debt Collection and Debt Purchase Market Insight Report 2021
This report provides historical and forecast market sizes (2015-25) by segment based on analysis of market drivers and interviews with market participants. It contains profiles of leading companies and sets out our views on how the market is likely to evolve.
October 2021 View
European Consumer Debt Collection and Debt Purchase Market Insight Report 2021
This report looks at debt purchase across Europe. It estimates the sizes of the various national markets based on analysis of consumer credit market data, market specific factors and the financial performance of the leading international groups. It contains profiles of the leading pan-European groups.
September 2021 View
UK High-Cost Credit (including Payday Lending): Market Insight Report 2018 (free to download)
This report covers all loans with an APR of 95% or higher which are repayable within up to 12 months, including payday loans, short-term instalment loans and high-interest personal loans. In particular we focus on the impact of FCA regulation on the market and the strategies lenders have adopted to succeed in the new environment.
May 2018 View
UK Car Dealer Point of Sale Finance: Market Insight Report 2017 (free to download)
Covers all consumer hire and credit products sold by car dealers at Point of Sale (POS) such as PCP plans,
Hire purchase and Personal leases. Market size, profiles of participants, review of regulation and market forecasts
August 2017 View
UK Credit Reference Agency Services Market Insight Report 2016 (free to download)
The combined CRA revenues of the companies operating in the market exceeded £300m in 2014. This report aims to shed light on the credit reference agency services market, explore how it has performed and set out how it might be likely to trend in the future.
July 2016 View
UK Car Finance: Market Profile and Forecast 2016 (free to download)
This report focuses on the UK market for motor, or car finance. It refers to finance packages provided by specialist finance companies – most of which are owned either by car OEMs or by financial institutions – which are offered to retail buyers to enable them to purchase a new or used car.
April 2016 View
Home Credit: UK Market Profile and Forecast 2015 (free to download)
Home credit lenders provide small-sum loans via an agent who comes to the customer’s residential address to collect payments. The sector, also called ‘doorstep lending’, is long-established and widespread in the UK.
September 2015 View
Rent-to-Own Retail: UK Market Profile and Forecast 2015 (free to download)
Rent-to-Own is a growing segment which provides household appliances and other goods along with a finance pacakge to consumers who are typically not able to purchase them using cash or conventional credit.
September 2015 View
Pawnbrokers and High Street Loan Stores: UK Market Profile and Forecast 2015 (free to download)
The market consists of high-street shops which offer combinations of pawnbroking, payday loans, term loans, cheque cashing and trading in second-hand goods including gold jewellery and consumer electronics.
August 2015 View
European Peer-to-Peer Lending: Market Insight 2015 (free to download)
Peer-to-peer lending is an important and high-profile trend in the banking sector. In just a few years, platforms have emerged which have facilitated several hundred million pounds of loans. Key questions addressed include why has it grown, can it continue to do so and how should banks respond to the threat, or opportunity, that it presents?
June 2015 View
UK Consumer Debt Solutions: Market Insight (free to download)
The market for consumer debt solutions has its roots in the Insolvency Act (1986). This brought into effect IVAs and also introduced the concept of an intermediary with a role in consumer debt management, which led to the establishment of the market for DMPs.
September 2012 View