Cool Chain Association – food waste can be tackled by more accountability

The global Cool Chain Association chairman, Stavros Evangelakakis, has released statement that calls on the air cargo industry to tackle a disconnected and fragmented supply chain and instead create its own perishables supply chain standard that would reduce food waste instead of waiting on other groups and agencies in the sector to do so.

According to the Cool Chain Association, the lack of accountability in the supply chain contributes to some 1.3bn tonnes of food being wasted every year, or roughly a third of all food produced globally. Collaboration, transparency, data sharing, and training for perishables growers can help combat the issue and reduce the demands on resources that so much food waste has.

“A standard in perishables should be something akin to the standards in pharmaceuticals,” said Evangelakakis. “We should aim for quality, we should not wait for other agencies to come up with standards, we should look internally and act now.”