Cost of delivery can kill a sale – B2C Europe

A survey carried out on behalf of B2C Europe of 2442 customers across the EU has discovered that high delivery costs can make the difference between making a sale and having an abandoned shopping cart.

According to the survey, carried out by Bluebeez, 40% found that the delivery costs were too high when they abandoned a cart, while 33% were comparing prices and were getting a feel of the total price before making a decision whether to buy the goods or not. A statement from B2C Europe suggested, “The research found that a remarkable 79% of consumers abandoned an online purchase at least once within the last six months, with 39% of consumers abandoning a shopping basket at least once a month.”

Some retailers have strategies to win back customers who have apparently abandoned their shopping carts, but the research suggests that this has limited reach. Only 3% of customers would always return to complete the purchase. This reflects the nature of online shopping as in many cases the customer carefully researches the best deal and compares the deal and goods in the checkout with other products and sellers.

20% of customers who abandoned their carts stated that their preferred payment method wasn’t available, suggesting that bringing in PayPal and other methods could make the difference between deal and no deal.

Sales and marketing director of B2C Europe Rianne Klein Geltink said, “When you have large volumes of purchases going through your website the abandonment rates may seem insignificant, but it’s important to remember that you could be able to achieve an additional 30% in sales and revenue for the business.” With the boom in ecommerce and every higher spends in shopping carts this insignificant number of sales lost could be a very significant sum of money to the business if things were thought out carefully in advance and more sales captured.