Cost of sending a parcel to US through USPS set to increase

Parcel shipment rates to the US are are set to significantly increase when sent from the UK through the US Postal Service from July 1 thanks to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) terminal dues rates increasing.

Terminal dues rates are the fees set by a postal operator to deliver a parcel from abroad within their own country.

The UPU terminal dues rates are now set individually by countries that have more than 75,000 tonnes of inbound mail a year. This is thanks to the Trump administration threatening to pull out of the UPU over the existing terminal dues rates that effectively meant it was cheaper for a company to send a parcel to the US from China than it was for a US domestic shipper to send one to the next state. 

Parcels that are 2kg or less will now see parcel rates increase inbound to the United States to USD $3.95 per kg or $2.87 per piece. This equates to around 70% of the US domestic rate.

According to Royal Mail this is set to increase their cost of sending a parcel to the US by more than 100% and this is to be passed onto customers.

As well as the the US self-declaring its terminal dues, a further 31 countries of the 192 UPU members have set their own too.