Could Amazon be moving into restaurant delivery market?

There are rumours that Amazon could be moving into the restaurant delivery market, ultimately taking on UK businesses such as Just Eat and Hungry Horse.

Newswire Reuters reported on Friday that there had been advertisements on LinkedIn and Amazon’s US corporate website for 15 job openings for a business called Amazon Restaurants, based in Seattle and New York.

The international online company has increased its direct delivery business around the world, moving from third party postal services and couriers and taking them in house. This, coupled with rumours that the online giant has been testing the water with a small scale trial in Seattle, suggests that it could be seriously interested in the online restaurant delivery business.

Though there has been no official comment from Amazon, rumours suggest that the firm would use the client restaurants’ own employees as opposed to expanding its own delivery business.

Such moves by Amazon tend to be bedded down well in the US before moving into other territories, as has been shown with Amazon’s Fire tablet, which was launched in the UK over a year after its launch in the US. Local businesses may do well to keep an eye out as Amazon could make a serious dent in their revenues…