CPC changes welcomed by FTA

The government’s changes to the driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) has been welcomed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

James Firth, FTA Head of Road Freight Regulation says that any changes to laws regarding road freight must now acknowledge that no two drivers are the same and the CPC must allow for training to be tailored to meet individuals’ needs.

Firth said, “During the negotiating process, FTA ensured that any changes did not make the DCPC overly prescriptive,” he said, “and we are pleased that the ability to identify what training a professional commercial vehicle driver needs remains with industry – be that employer or driver themselves – rather than with politicians.”

On 22 July, the changes to the CPC certification has now not imposed training rigidly (as many thought would happen) but instead emphasises the importance of adapting the training to the driver’s specific role. This mirrors the way the way the Directive has always been implemented here in the UK.

One upshot has been the offer of e-learning. E-learning will allow trainees to do up to two hours of a seven hour course as e-learning content the day before their classroom session.

“This is the biggest change in delivery of Driver CPC since its inception in 2008,” continues Firth. “We will see how the training industry takes the option up, but we are pleased to see DVSA is looking for new ways of allowing delivery within the constraints of the Directive.