Crown Couriers appoints Steve Rushton as General Manager

Steve Rushton is to be Crown Couriers’ General Manager. He has already been working in post with the company responding to increased demand due to lockdown.

Rushton joins the company with 27 years experience in the field and with the UK in lockdown has arrived at an important time for the company. Crown Couriers has seen a surge in demand for its services due to the pandemic and his experience enabled him to respond quickly to the needs to meet increased demand while still achieving just-in-time deliveries.

One key line of business for Crown Couriers is in pharmaceuticals. Rushton has led the operations team to prioritise its fleet of more than 800 drivers to prioritise the essential elements of the supply chain, deploying extra resources to meet spikes in demand as required.

As well as managing over 800 drivers and vehicles, Rushton is also overseeing 40 customer service advisors and three direct reports, reporting directly himself to the company MD, Tim Seagers.

Steve explained, “I was initially attracted to Crown Couriers for its exciting goals, business strategy and strong ethos for honesty, transparency and customer first culture, which has certainly come into play in our response to the current crisis. These values will remain at the core of our service in the weeks and months ahead as we support businesses in finding a new way of working. In logistics I’m not sure there is ever anything such as ‘normal’ but we will come out the other side of this stronger, more efficient and in an excellent position to support our existing and new customer base”.