CRP launches

Londoners are invited to redirect their parcel deliveries from their workplaces through a new website set up by the Cross River Partnership (CRP). It is hoped that this will tackle some of London’s inner city traffic congestion.

The new website is and has been developed by the CRP. The CRP is a public / private initiative that brings together business and government bodies to develop regeneration projects around London.

In a statement issued on Friday (2 December), the CRP’s Air Quality Project Manager Brendon Harper said: “With up to 40% of workplace deliveries being personal parcels, alternative ‘click & collect’ delivery services such as Amazon Lockers, CollectPlus, Doddle, HubBox and Parcelly can help reduce congestion and improve air quality in central London.

“Our new website maps the location of collection points of five service providers, making it simple for users to identify their most convenient collection point. It also provides discounted deliveries and free trial memberships for the paid-for services.”

The website has been developed through CRP’s Clean Air Better Business (CABB) programme and is available to CABB partners “to brand and promote as their own”.

The growth of e-commerce has partly offset the initiatives to reduce congestion on London’s roads. Where commuter car traffic has fallen significantly in recent times as more people cycle or take public transport to work, there has been a large increase in delivery vans on the conurbation’s roads. CRP taking efforts to tackle the problem is a step in the right direction as it will divert traffic out of the inner city.
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