CTT Portugal Post takes on Sprinklr for improved customer experience

US based customer experience platform Sprinklr has announced it is working with CTT Portugal Post to improve the postal operator’s digital customer experience at the same time as improving team collaboration and productivity.

CTT Portugal Post has been looking at ways of improving digital customer experience with the pandemic impacting on its standard ways of working. This is why it went to Sprinklr. The postal operator is using the platform for the following:

– Improving Digital Customer Service: Sprinklr’s AI capabilities will help CTT route emails and calls to efficient modern channels and serve customers faster on the channel they prefer.

– Enabling Consistent and Efficient Communication: With social engagement, listening, and customer care on one Sprinklr platform, CTT can communicate more efficiently with a complete customer view.

– Increasing Employee Productivity: CTT’s digital, customer service, HR, and sales teams can collaborate on one Sprinklr platform – enabling teams to share insights and increase productivity.

“Our company has been continuously innovating over 500 years,” said Nuno Matos, Head of Digital, Transformation and Innovation at CTT Portugal Post. “From supporting our clients’ day-to-day needs and requests via modern channels to improving digital and mobile experiences, Sprinklr will help us take our customer experience to the next level. We’re excited to partner with Sprinklr to put digital experiences, collaboration, and advanced AI and at the center of our growth strategy.”

“With the pandemic accelerating the shift to digital services and impacting the delivery of mail – CTT is reimagining all of its operations,” said Luca Lazzaron, Chief Revenue Officer, Sprinklr. “Sprinklr is excited to help CTT thrive in our new normal. Now, customer-facing teams across the company can collaborate on one platform with built-in automation and AI to efficiently deliver the best experiences.”