Cummins buys Efficient Drivetrains

US based HGV builders Cummins is to acquire Silicon Valley based Efficient Drivetrains, a hybrid and full electric heavy vehicle drivetrain manufacturer. Cummins is doing this as part if its overall strategy to remain competitive as more and more rivals go electric.

“As power needs and technologies continue to evolve, Cummins remains committed to innovations that will deliver the right power solutions for the right applications at the right time to help our customers’ succeed,” said chairman and chief executive Tom Linebarger.

In February, Cummins acquired UK-based Johnson Matthey Battery Systems. It also acquired North America-based Brammo in 2017.

Cummins believes the addition of EDI’s fully-electric and unique four-mode hybrid powertrains will broaden its electrification expertise and products. It said EDI’s hybrid system is able to switch, in real time, between fully electric, series and parallel modes.


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