CWU calls for Horizon-hit postmasters to be vindicated

The UK Communication Workers Union (CWU) is calling for all those postmasters who were falsely accused of fraud in the Horizon scandal to be fully vindicated.

The Post Office fiercely defended its computer program that miscalculated incomes for many postmasters and would lead to a large number being imprisoned or losing their livelihoods.

“Hundreds of postmasters were prosecuted, losing their livelihoods and some even being imprisoned on the basis of these false allegations – allegations which clearly made no sense, but yet the Post Office stubbornly refused to reconsider until courts of law forced them to do so,” says CWU general secretary Dave Ward.

The CWU-supported Justice for Sub-Postmasters Alliance worked to have many of the convictions thrown out after last year’s out of court settlement with the Post Office. The campaign also got the Criminal Cases Review Commission to send 47 convictions to the Court of Appeal, and has had the commission demand that the Post Office’s legal power to initiate criminal prosecutions be reviewed.

“In response to Questions in Parliament in February, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to hold a full inquiry into this scandal,” Dave continues, “and we are urging him to schedule this inquiry as promptly as possible.

“Justice must be done, lessons must be learned, and those responsible for this miscarriage of justice must be brought to account – and we’re urging as many people as possible to write to their MPs demanding urgent action.”