CWU calls for personal protective equipment to be mandatory

Where personal protective equipment isn’t provided to all postal worker employees, all operations should cease, according to the Communications Workers Union (CWU). The union said this in a letter to the government, and calls for all staff to have access to gloves and hand sanitisers amongst other equipment.

The CWU says: “We have given further consideration to the fast moving Coronavirus crisis and how this is impacting on frontline workers, the country and the ability of Royal Mail Group to maintain its network operations.

“Therefore, we are publishing this letter and the statement below to our members, the Government and to the media.  The statement sets out what we believe is the right position for the company and the Government to immediately adopt in relation to Royal Mail Group and the services it provides.

“This will ensure Personal Protective Equipment is in place for all employees, minimise the further spread of the virus and save lives, whilst maintaining an emergency network with prioritised services,” the CWU concluded.