Dash 8 freighter conversions approved

Transport Canada has given approval for the short take-off/landing (STOL) passenger aircraft the Dash 8-100, 8-200s and 8-300s to be converted into Simplified Package Freighters.

The De Havilland made aircraft freighter conversion is to support the global pandemic response with a specific focus on Africa. The airline 748 Air Services has ordered the Service Bulletin and conversion kits for four Dash 8’s.

The Kenyan based 748 Air Services is to be the first operator of the Dash 8-100 Simplified Package Freighter. It is also converting three Dash 8-400s.

Moses Mwangi, managing director of 748 Air Services, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted passenger and cargo movements indefinitely: “Movement has been limited to humanitarian cargo only. We have responded with Air Cargo solutions to support the humanitarian, natural resources and government sectors, who will benefit from the conversion of our four Dash 8-100 aircraft and three of our Dash 8-400 aircraft into Simplified Package Freighters.”

Todd Young, chief operating officer of De Havilland Canada, said, “We commend them [748 Air Services] as they reconfigure some aircraft in their fleet to continue their excellent work delivering essential passenger and cargo services in the eastern and central regions of Africa.”