DB Schenker suspends EU – UK operations

European haulage giant DB Schenker has suspended all of its services to the UK with immediate effect due to what it refers to as ‘enormous bureaucratic regulations’ that impede goods from entering and leaving the UK after Brexit.

The email to its customers reads as follows:

“Dear Customer,

We are currently forced to temporarily suspend international land transport services from continental Europe to the UK with Immediate effect.

The arrangements agreed under the Brexit deal have meant enormous bureaucratic regulations, particularly for recipients in the UK, which they are currently unable to handle In a legally compliant manner. Most of the recipients (Importers or Consignee’s) In the UK have never dealt with customs procedures before, and need further guidance on the new regulations (e.g. the confirmation of the correct ten-digit commodity codes, providing Power of Attorney).

Therefore, we need to advise you to postpone all shipments until further notice. Furthermore, would you also please ensure that all necessary paperwork for customs i.e. export and import documentation, is in place for your shipments, as well as all the consignee i.e. all direct representation letters and HMRC information, to allow for smooth customs clearance.

We will do our utmost to support both origin and destination; shipper, and recipients and continue with our service as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your local DB Schenker team for support and further information.

Your DB Schenker team”

It is not known when DB Schenker will resume its cross-Channel operations.