DDI drivers get instant access to payments

To achieve a competitive edge, California based, US delivery driver agency Delivery Drivers Inc (DDI) has launched an instant payment system for its driver-partners.

The daily, digital wallet payment system is powered by Branch. “With Branch, DDI provides independent contractors instant access to payouts with no charge to our clients or partners. And with the ability to receive payments on weekends, it’s a game changer,” said DDI’s owner and CEO Aaron Hageman.

DDI’s drivers can claim a Branch Wallet and link it to Google Wallet or Apple Pay via their smartphones. Drivers can also request a physical card and to be able to transfer the money to another bank account with no fees. They can track their payment activities online or through the app, and can withdraw the money through any one of 55,000 Allpoint ATMs around the United States.

“As a leader in connecting companies with quality independent contractors, DDI understands that contractor cash flow plays a pivotal role for meeting the growing demand for last mile delivery,” said Branch CEO Atif Siddiqi. “We’re excited to partner with DDI to provide their driver-partners instant payments, which can help them complete more deliveries and grow their businesses.”

Even in the face of the national delivery driver shortage, DDI has managed to recruit more than 80,000 drivers as of July, of its target 140,000 in 2021. The Branch Wallet is one of a few inducements that has made their recruitment campaign a success.

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