DeJoy: Postal ballots to be USPS top priority

Postal ballots will be the US Postal Service’s top priority between now and the US general election in November. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy made this plain in a conference call with the National Association of Secretaries of State Election Committee on Friday, 17 September.

DeJoy said that the postal service is partnering with state and local election officials as they work to ensure that there are no problems with postal voting on the part of the USPS at the coming election.

According to the Postmaster General, nearly 750,000 people visited the USPS postal voting website since the postcard inviting them to do postal ballots went out on September 10.

“The Postal Service’s continued coordination with state and local election officials helps ensure every ballot is successfully delivered and that every voter knows how to effectively use the mail to vote, if they choose to do so. Above all, we want voters to know, if you plan to vote by mail, plan ahead. Visit your local election board website to understand state rules and deadlines so you can request your ballots early, if applicable, and mail them back early.” said Postmaster General DeJoy. “The intent of our nationwide mailer was to encourage voters to inform themselves on how to effectively vote by mail if they choose to do so. That was our intent, and that continues to be our mission between now and Election Day.”