DeJoy praises US Postal Service staff for election work

After a record election year in terms of volumes of election mail and ballots handled by the US Postal Service, the US Postmaster General has highly praised the personnel that made it all possible.

The US Postal Service handled some 136 million pieces of election mail and ballots in the November elections and the run-off Senate election in Georgia over the season.

“Throughout the 2020 election, the Postal Service faced unprecedented challenges, but the commitment of our 644,000 men and women to deliver the nation’s ballots never wavered even in the face of the pandemic,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

“We take great pride in the Postal Service’s performance which is thanks to our hard-working employees who went to extraordinary lengths to fulfil our public service mission, meet the public’s high expectations and uphold the Postal Service’s promise to deliver the nation’s Election Mail securely and in a timely manner.”