DeJoy reorganises the US Postal Service

The new US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has has announced a reorganisation of the US Postal Service.

Under the new leadership – with new leaders at the head of each main department – the reorganisation will align functions based on its core business operations, providing clarity and focus on what the postal operator does best – collecting, processing, moving and delivering mail and packages.

The three main business units are:

– Retail and Delivery Operations’ basic mission: Accept and deliver mail and packages efficiently with a high level of customer satisfaction. This organization will be led by Kristin Seaver.
– Logistics and Processing Operations’ basic mission: Process and move mail and packages efficiently to the delivery units, meeting service standards. This organization will be led by David Williams.
– Commerce and Business Solutions’ basic mission: Leverage infrastructure to enable growth. This organisation will be led by Jacqueline (Jakki) Krage Strako.

At the same time DeJoy has appointed Scott Bombaugh as acting Chief Technology Officer, Steve Monteith as acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, and Pritha Mehra as acting Chief Information Officer.

“This organisational change will capture operating efficiencies by providing clarity and economies of scale that will allow us to reduce our cost base and capture new revenue,” said Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy. “It is crucial that we do what is within our control to help us successfully complete our mission to serve the American people and, through the universal service obligation, bind our nation together by maintaining and operating our unique, vital and resilient infrastructure.”