Deliveroo Hop to go global

UK based, global restaurant and grocery delivery company Deliveroo has announced it is to expand its Deliveroo Hop grocery delivery programme worldwide.

Recently launched in London the business model involves a network of dark store customer fulfilment centres close to local shoppers and riders delivering customers a choice from up to 2,000 product lines within 15 minutes. The recently floated delivery company plans to offer Deliveroo Hop in Italy, Hong Kong and France among other geographies according to its website.

“Deliveroo Hop will enhance our on-demand grocery offering for both consumers and our grocery partners,” a Deliveroo spokesperson said. “We are excited about how this new service will develop over time.”

The move is partly in response to the success of other businesses such as Berlin-based Gorillas, and also to the growing demand for convenience store deliveries thanks to the pandemic. Grocery deliveries accounted for 7% of Deliveroo’s business in the first half of the financial year but this is seen as having major growth potential.

“We are super excited about the early days of this, we’re super excited about the model. We see it as another tool for us to drive future growth,” Chief Executive Officer Will Shu said earlier this month while discussing the company’s third-quarter results.

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