Deliveroo sees riders going for union recognition

Deliveroo riders are beginning the process of their union being formally recognised by the company in the face of opposition.

The Deliveroo riders in question seek to have the company recognise the Independent Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) union so they can have collective bargaining on issues including pay and conditions.

To do this they must be recognised as workers as opposed to self-employed contractors.

IWGB general secretary Jason Moyer-Lee said that the union was seeking a collective bargain agreement with Deliveroo.

“If Deliveroo ignores or rejects our request, then we will take them to tribunal and ask for a declaration that Deliveroo must engage in collective bargaining with us,” said Moyer-Lee.

“To do this the tribunal will also have to decide that the Deliveroo drivers are workers and not independent contractors, which means they will also be entitled to paid holiday, minimum wage, and all the other rights associated with this employment status.”

Deliveroo is opposed to this. The company maintains that its riders are self-employed contractors and not workers. However the recent Employment Tribunal ruling against Uber may have set an important legal precedent for people working on the so-called ‘gig economy’ in the UK. The London employment tribunal ruled that Uber drivers had to be given a guaranteed minimum wage and holiday pay. The Uber drivers were supported by the GMB unionwhich declared this a ‘monumental victory’.

The IWGB’s Facebook page has a notice that its Couriers and Logistics Branch will be holding a Deliveroo Campaign Public Meeting tonight (8 November) from 19:00 to 21:00 at the Marchmont Community Centre.
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