Delivery drones pilot to take place in Coventry

There is to be a trial of delivery drones and airborne taxis in Coventry, UK before the end of the year. This is a pilot of urban area ‘aerial roads’ to reduce congestion and pollution in UK cities.

The delivery drone project is backed by £1.2 million of central government money and has a number of participants including Urban-Air Port, which will run the land infrastructure, Altitude Angel which is to operate the air traffic management system, and Malloy Aeronautics.

The technology “will allow all users of the sky, from air-taxis and drone operators to general aviation and emergency service helicopters, to share the airspace safely and securely,” Altitude Angel Chief Business Officer Richard Ellis said.

Delivery drones built by Malloy Aeronautics and SkyFarer will fly a number of routes over Coventry to deliver things like refrigerated medical supplies.

At the same time Safeguard Vertiports is to develop a certification programme that will meet UK Civil Aviation regulations. The project is to run for 3-4 months but could last for up to 18.

Coventry is only the first city to see such delivery drone operations – other towns and cities in the UK have expressed interest in running similar schemes too.