Delivery options core to e-commerce sales

A survey commissioned by Metapack of 3000 online shoppers worldwide suggested that 66% have chosen one online retailer over another due to delivery options. The survey discovered that almost half of UK shoppers had paid more for goods because the shop had better delivery options too.

The Delivering Consumer Choice: 2015 State of eCommerce Delivery survey approached 3000 respondents from the US, UK, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Good delivery options, including pick up in store as well as home delivery, are important issues for the e-tailer to consider when selling their goods. Home furnishings giant Ikea has started to open a large number of smaller stores in the UK to allow online shoppers to collect their goods without having to travel long distances to get them, and potentially widen their market.

The survey also found that 83% of shoppers want the delivery options to be displayed beside the product they are considering, to help them factor in the delivery process into their decision whether to buy. 51% had abandoned an order due to poor delivery options.

Low delivery cost in an important factor, with 49% of UK online shoppers stating that this is a factor that they would consider a purchase if this was offered. 62% had abandoned an order because delivery wasn’t free.

Novel delivery methods such as the vaunted drone delivery and car boot delivery methods were much less well received. The survey found that only 10% of US shoppers would like a package delivered by drone, and 7% of US shoppers would like their goods delivered to the boot of their car.

Finally, poor delivery experience can lose customers. 49% of German and UK shoppers would never shop with an e-tailer again if they had a poor delivery experience. End to end delivery is a very important factor to consider in winning and keeping customers.