Deutsche Post DHL divests route optimisation business

With software engineering not seen as part of its core focus, Deutsche Post DHL has divested Greenplan GmbH, a route planning solution provider, in a management buyout (MBO).

The CEO of Greenplan Dr Clemens Beckmann and former Head of Strategy and Business Development Florian Merget have led the buyout. They will continue to manage and develop Greenplan’s business of cloud-based, dynamic route optimisation. Through its route optimisation software, so client businesses can reduce their CO2 emissions and improve their customers’ satisfaction thanks to timeliness of deliveries.

“The commitment by Dr. Clemens Beckmann and Florian Merget to invest in and further develop the Greenplan solution, marks an important step in the successful growth story of Greenplan. With the management buyout the team will now accelerate the growth of that unique route planning solution provider”, says Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer at DHL. “Smart route planning, based on a powerful algorithm, helps forwarders and customers with large fleets to optimise the utilisation of their vehicles, to improve route planning, and ultimately reduce CO2 emissions by driving fewer kilometres.”

“Greenplan, having its roots in the world’s leading logistics company DHL and the renowned Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn, Germany, has created a superior solution to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of the transport industry, and making a big impact in fighting climate change”, says Dr. Clemens Beckmann, CEO of Greenplan. “Together with the team we have the right industry knowledge, skill set and expertise needed to capture the global business opportunity. We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to drive the growth of Greenplan together as a team.” 

“Tech company Greenplan started off as a research cooperation between DHL and the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn in 2016, initially being a research project to optimise transportation and route planning for the world-leading logistics company DHL”, Florian Merget says. “In the last years, Greenplan successfully expanded its customer base, solutions and won blue-chip external clients for its algorithm. We are confident that we can release our full potential going forward and grow into new markets. We are convinced that Greenplan has an excellent future.”

Deutsche Post DHL remains focused on its core business of mail and logistics, and software falls outside the Group’s immediate purview. This is what has led to the management buyout.