Deutsche Post DHL faring well despite pandemic

According to the CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Frank Appel, the company is faring well in the unusual economic conditions. Speaking at the Group’s AGM he said, “We can be proud of how we’ve risen to the challenge so far. The crisis shows how robust Deutsche Post DHL Group is.”

In the address, Appel said that logistics is the backbone of the global economy: “Normally people hardly notice the logistics behind the scenes because everything is running smoothly. It takes a situation like this to truly appreciate how critical logistics is.”

The Group’s earnings are on course for good results according to its CEO. “We’ve managed to implement the right measures in many areas. Deutsche Post DHL Group will emerge stronger from this crisis.”

Operating profit is set to reach between €3.5 billion and €3.8 billion. According to Appel, this is due to Deutsche Post DHL’s robust business model, well-established corporate structure and clear direction – notably the ‘Strategy 2025’ plans that have kept the Group on track even in the current, uncertain times: “The strategy focuses on the right issues: globalisation, e-commerce, digitalisation and sustainability. These trends have become all the more relevant in this time of crisis, or are even accelerating rapidly due to the pandemic.”