Deutsche Post DHL widens GOGREEN project

German postal operator and global express delivery operator Deutsche Post DHL has expanded its GOGREEN environmental sustainability initiative to include local projects in Germany.

Until now the GOGREEN initiative, where customers pay a small fee to offset the carbon emissions of a delivery, have gone into environmental projects in developing countries. Now, the global logistics giant has begun to invest in carbon offset projects in Germany.

One of the projects is to operate a larger number of electric delivery vehicles in Duisburg and Essen so the GOGREEN initiative has direct impact on the communities that use the initiative. 30 new vehicles will be put into operation in the two German cities, with a view to increasing that number there but also rolling out the project right across Germany and into DHL’s worldwide fleets.

A statement from Deutsche Post DHL Group said of the new project, “Up until now, carbon emissions resulting from the transport of GOGREEN items have been offset through climate protection projects in developing countries. With this GOGREEN Regional pilot project, the Group is now expanding its portfolio of climate-friendly shipping services to include a local component.”

Over 11 billion parcels have been sent through the GOGREEN initiative since it was launched, saving over half a billion tonnes of carbon emissions in the process. DHL

Deutsche Post DHL is not the only international delivery business to look at carbon offset schemes, what with the business being one of the most carbon hungry in the service sector. UPS has a Rolling Laboratory of low emission and zero emission vehicles being tested at sites around the world, and is developing new vehicles with regional companies around the world as it pursues its goal of reducing global emissions. Deutsche Post seems to be one of the most forward thinking and best developed such schemes, following its home country Germany’s lead as one of the most environmentally friendly developed countries in the world.