Deutsche Post – German letters are some of the cheapest in EU

The German postal operator Deutsche Post has reported that the current costs of postage for standard letters in the country remains below the European average.

The postal operator, which has published its comparison of postage rates today, commented: “If only nominal letter prices are considered, Germany’s postage rate of EUR 0.70 is exactly in the middle among European countries (16th place out of 31).

“Since last year, 14 countries have raised their letter prices. The average letter price in Europe is now EUR 0.88, eight cents higher than a year ago.

“At the equivalent of EUR 3.63, Denmark has the highest nominal price for domestic letters; Malta still has the lowest price (EUR 0.26).

“However, when macroeconomic factors such as labor costs and purchasing power are taken into account in the comparison, Germany places 24th in the European postage rankings (out of the 31 countries considered); writing letters is more expensive in 23 countries.”
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