Deutsche See StreetScooter – fish on Friday

The first outside customer to buy into the DHL StreetScooter EV fleet option has been announced – the German fish delivery company Deutsche See. Deutsche See will be using the StreetScooters to deliver fresh fish to its customers in Cologne.

As previously reported by Apex Insight, since 2014 Deutsche Post DHL has been building the StreetScooter range of EV delivery vehicles for its various operations around Germany and the world. Recently, DHL announced that it would be selling the vehicles to outside customers as a new revenue stream.

On Friday, Deutsche See released a statement confirming that it had become the first company outside DHL itself to start using the StreetScoooter. The company plans to start using the EVs in Cologne and then extend the EV fleet across the 20 cities in Germany that it currently works into.

The StreetScooters being used by Deutsche See are fitted out with refrigeration units that have a payload capacity of up to 680kg of fish. The vehicle roof has a photovoltaic panel system that will provide power to the refrigeration unit and also take strain off the battery.

Deutsche Post DHL has recently announced that it plans to be the greenest logistics company in the world and this move into EV manufacturing should help others follow in its footsteps.  
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