DHL and Smart extend in boot delivery

DHL and Smart have announced that they are expanding the coverage of their ‘Smart ready to drop’ in car parcel delivery service in Germany.

The two companies have been testing the service, starting in Stuttgart in September.

DHL Parcel has said that the service was extended to Cologne in November and is now set to launch in Berlin and Bonn by the end of this month.

The concept is that Smart car drivers taking part in the pilot can buy their goods online and arrange for them to be delivered by DHL Parcel to the boots of their cars.

Those Smart cars that are being used in the pilot are fitted with a ‘Connectivity Box’ at a Smart car dealership.

The car owners and the DHL courier used specially developed apps on their mobile devices. The car owner uses the Smart app to generate a single use transaction authorisation number (TAN) that they enter in the c/o box when stating their delivery address for the purchases in the online shop.

Once this is done the parcel courier is informed of the preferred delivery location via their own app, and this gives time limited access to the target car, The TAN the online shopper enters when placing the order enables the courier to locate and open the car in a set period of time. The DHL courier then either drops a parcel or picks one up for return. Once the boot is shut the TAN is cancelled, and a push message sent via the app notifies the car owner that the delivery has occurred.

According to Smart, the beta test is “the biggest In-Car-Delivery pilot Germany has ever seen”. å 
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