DHL breaks ground on Worksop development

As part of a UK wide real estate refresh, DHL Supply Chain has broken ground on a new, 538,000 square foot warehouse development in Barton Wood near Worksop in Derbyshire.

When completed the new site will have a capacity of 110,000 pallets to include 46,000 that are subject to Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations.

There is to be a 28 metre high bay and an 18 metre low bay, allowing the highest possible racking to improve pallet density. Jim Hartshorne, MD, retail and consumer, UK and Ireland, at DHL Supply Chain, said: “Because of this the site is really sustainable, as it requires less lighting and heating, and less land than a conventional warehouse.

“We are using a high degree of automation in the warehouse to retrieve pallets, with an automated storage retrieval system, where automated cranes can pull pallets out on demand.

Nigel Godfrey, head of real estate solutions, UK and Ireland, at DHL, added: “28m is high; 18m is high for a low bay. We are seeing more of this sort of height of facility becoming the norm. When we were looking for suitable sites we were looking for sites that could accommodate a building of this height.”

Hartshorne added: “We are setting the pace; we are the market leading logistics company and we are backing ourselves with state-of-the-art facilities. It is a massive investment, but we believe we have got the capabilities to fill it and the market demand is there from customers. We have already had a lot of interest from customers in moving into the facility.”

DHL has bought a plot of land close to the site for a similar facility in the future.


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