DHL – businesses will pay more for value added land transport

As long as there is a measurable return on investment, four out of five businesses are willing to pay for better and value-added services according to new research from DHL supply Chain.

The report, “The Logistics Transport Evolution: The Road ahead”, found that companies increasingly view ground transport as being more than a tactical commodity. Some 71% now consider it to be a strategic component of their businesses.

Around 75% believe that investing in time and resources for ground transport directly help their company’s sales.

E-commerce is a major driver here – its implications on service was identified by 65% of companies as having a significant impact on their supply chain in the next couple of years.

“We undertook this study to gain an insight into exactly what companies expect from their transport service providers, both today and tomorrow,” said Javier Bilbao, global transport lead and chief executive Latin America. “Our research has shown us that customers are increasingly looking for complete solutions with a global reach as they have the capability to solve a wide range of transport issues and requirements.”