DHL CEO clarifies position on Brexit

Even if DHL were to benefit in the short term from a hard Brexit, its CEO Frank Appel has said that it is not a good situation in the long term.

Appel was speaking at the World Economic Forum at Davos where he apologised that people may have misinterpreted other comments he had made that inferred he was in favour of Brexit. Clarifying his thinking on the matter he said he believes “we should not focus on short-term profits” when the wider impact would be negative.

As with many other big businesses, DHL is preparing for a no-deal Brexit. Appel said that he still hopes a solution can be negotiated.

No UK minister had been in touch with DHL, an employer of 54,000 people in the UK, regarding its preparedness for the UK’s departure from the EU.

DHL’s CEO Appel also said he believed that trade tensions around the world would dissipate, and that goods and services would continue to move freely across borders.

“There is no country that ever succeeded by being alone,” Mr Appel warned. “The world has become more global”.


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