DHL – customer communication is key

78% of German consumers want more flexibility and control over their parcel deliveries according to new research from DHL. This is particularly the case with regard to being able to choose the delivery day as well as the time of delivery.

The survey also found that 88% of consumers wanted transparent and comprehensive information about the status of their delivery. These said that just sending confirmation of their order being shipped wasn’t enough – they also wanted email updates to tell them when their package was due to arrive.

These statistics will probably come as no great surprise – who doesn’t want more control and flexibility, if they can be had at no extra cost? However, it was interesting to see that 99% of the consumers taking part in DHL’s survey said that they believed that they are kept well informed about their deliveries, with email confirmations and updates.

The survey found that home delivery to the door was still the most popular option: it was the top preference for 77% of survey respondents. However, there was also growing support for parcel lockers. Indeed, 14% said that this was their preferred delivery option.

Consumers expressed a strong interest in being able to choose accurate delivery windows; and 78% said that they would take advantage of this option when it is offered.  Evening slots- between 6pm and 8pm or 7pm and 9pm – were the preferred delivery windows.

So there we have it – speed isn’t everything but accuracy is. Good information on delivery times and dates can give you more loyal customers. Loyal customers bring more regular income.