DHL delivers eStory

Coinciding with its role as official logistics partner to the Formula E electric car racing championships, DHL has released a report that examines the effect that Formula E is having on green technology around the world.

The report, “The eStory: Undertaking the Mobility Challenge” looks at the mobility innovations, green technology solutions as well as community initiatives that have been facilitated by the championship. It is expected that Formula E will start having an impact on the consumer market quite soon.

The eStory business programme is designed to help drive innovation in the sector. The programme is heavily supported by Formula E, and is designed to help accelerate technological developments and bring them to the attention of the major market players and increase the public’s acceptance of the technology through education.

“The success of electric mobility is influenced by multiple external trends, but also requires other pillars to be activated, including technological progress, having the right infrastructure and business models in place as well as effective communication,” explains Manoëlla Wilbaut, author of the report, eStory Leader and Head of Global Commercial Developments & Sustainability, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

“The innovations generated and tested during the first season are only the first steps towards this common goal, with much more to be inspired by Formula E. Sustainability is part of our company’s DNA and we are looking forward to innovations in electric technologies that we can adopt for our operations.”

The report among other things highlights case studies from 12 Formula E partners, demonstrating how the racing series has already helped with innovation and how the outcomes have outreached the scope of the electric car racing championship.

“Already Formula E has proven to be a launch pad for innovations with high potential to reach the consumer market,” said Alejandro Agag, CEO Formula E. “Although we just started, thrilling progress was made during the first season and the innovation journey continues in Formula E’s second season. We are happy to give the mandate for leading the eStory to DHL which has proven to be a leading pioneer in Sustainable Mobility.”