DHL develops TRAiLAR truck solar panels

DHL have announced they have developed a thin film solar mat called TRAiLAR that can be mounted on vehicles to reduce their fuel consumption by directly generating solar power.

The TRAiLAR solar mats are fitted to vehicle roofs and connected to their batteries (or other on board batteries). Testing has shown the mats reduce overall fuel consumption through powering a range of on-board systems such as tail lifts.

The DHL TRAiLAR mats can be retrofitted to trailers and rigid vehicles alike, and have been shown to reduce fuel costs and maintenance spend. DHL tested the system at the UK’s MIllbrook proving grounds and showed fuel savings of up to 5.2%.

We “need fewer, cleaner and quieter vehicles on the roads,” said Phil Roe, MD, network logistics and transport, DHL Supply Chain UK and Ireland. “This can be achieved while also helping customers reduce their transport costs.”