DHL eCommerce offers cash on delivery

DHL eCommerce has launched a cross-border cash on delivery (COD) service that will allow customers to pay for the international purchases in cash upon delivery.

It is estimated that in Southeast Asia some 73% of the population do not have access to bank accounts and are therefore inaccessible to e-commerce retailers due to the lack of access to credit cards or Internet banking services.

The COD service by DHL eCommerce has been set up specifically for sellers based in China and Australia Lord delivering to consumers in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. When cash is collected it is remitted to the local bank in the destination country or in the billing country based on the local destination currency. Sellers will be paid every fortnight and tracking visibility of the status of the payment is available on the DHL portal.

“Despite growing credit card adoption in Southeast Asia, the low level of credit card penetration has forced e-commerce retailers to offer alternative modes of payment methods such as cash on delivery, digital payments and in some cases paying in-store. This opens up a huge potential by reaching out to a new group of unbanked consumers and also meeting the needs of consumers who prefer to pay in cash.” said Charles Brewer, CEO, DHL eCommerce.

“China and Australia are huge e-commerce export markets and our DHL Parcel International Direct product provides a direct entry into high demand markets with excellent transit times of 3-5 business days with economical shipping prices. With our fully-owned domestic delivery network in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, we are able to deliver on-time with secure features like cash-on-delivery.” added Brewer.