DHL eCommerce Solutions sees US volumes spike

Thanks to stay-at-home orders in the US, DHL eCommerce Solutions has seen e-commerce volumes grow to holiday peak levels. Customers have shopped for health, wellness and home office supplies in the last five weeks.

DHL eCommerce Solutions has seen a volume growth of more than 36% in US domestic volume and 28% in cross border volumes compared to the daily averages seen in February.

Fashion is often one of the losers in the current pandemic economic conditions. However DHL eCommerce Solutions online fashion client Love Your Melon has expanded its product line to include cloth face masks. It is using the logistics company to ship its new line of face masks both domestically and internationally.

“We have seen large volume percentage increases mostly in the Northeast region of the US with a significant amount of volume entering the US inbound from China,” said DHL eCommerce Solutions Americas CEO Lee Spratt. “We have seen holiday peak-level types of volume increases in the last few weeks as China opened once again, but we are also seeing our customers’ volumes as representative of various consumer buying trends as a result of the general public’s interest in staying healthy and taking on new roles as remote employees and students.”