DHL Express adds InPost lockers to UK delivery options

InPost has announced that DHL Express UK is to start using its parcel lockers for customers.

Customers of DHL can now select their nearest InPost parcel locker as a delivery option for their packages. InPost now has more than 1000 parcel locker facilities around the UK, where customers can collect their goods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in safe and secure locations.

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK said, “Click and Collect is really starting to come of age as the delivery market matures and retailers tailor their approach to meet their customers’ expectations. People increasingly want to be able to choose from a range of delivery options and select a service that meets their needs.”

Phil Couchman, CEO UK & Ireland at DHL Express, said of the new options for their customers, “Today’s customers are time short, online savvy and want to receive their deliveries quickly and conveniently. Providing increased flexibility, with 24 hour access, lockers eliminate the need for customers to wait in for a parcel and allow for delivery locations to be tailored to their needs. Ensuring customers receive their delivery first time is crucial to our customers’ satisfaction, and so we’re excited to be able to offer this new innovative service.”

Click and collect is one of a growing array of options for e-commerce customers who as DHL indicated above, are very busy and demand a flexible set of options for their delivery needs. InPost’s parcel lockers meet a growing demand and DHL linking in with this system is a sign that even the biggest delivery companies are answering the needs of their customers in this fashion.