DHL Express – Asian stations announce price hikes

Price increases, effective January 1 are being announced by different countries and regions at DHL Express. The company allows its country stations to raise their prices according to local economic conditions including inflation and currency dynamics.

In Hong Kong and Macau the average price increase is set to be 4.9%. “Supporting our customers’ business goals in this rapidly changing environment is one of the key drivers at DHL Express. To this end, we have been investing heavily in our international network,” said Chee Choong Ng, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DHL Express Hong Kong and Macau. “The annual price adjustment enables us to further develop our infrastructure, renew our aircraft fleet with lower carbon emission and apply state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in our delivery processes to ensure best-in-class customer solutions. These and future advances will help us, our customers and partners, make a significant contribution to improving our ecological footprint and meeting the challenges arising from unprecedented growth from e-commerce.”

At DHL Express India the price hike is set to be 6.9%. R.S. Subramanian, country manager, DHL Express India, said, “At DHL Express it is our endeavour to deliver unparalleled quality to our customers. This needs us to make significant and continuous investments in infrastructure and technology. The annual price adjustment allows us to build our aviation and ground network, improve hubs & facilities and drive digitalisation initiatives – all to support the needs of our customers efficiently. Amidst the pandemic situation, we continue to invest to comply with the increasingly complex regulatory and security environment globally. These advances provide our customers with peace of mind while maintaining our market-leading transit times.”

With DHL Express UAE the price hike will also be 6.9%. “Supporting our customers in reaching their business goals with individually tailored services according to the needs of their business is one of our main goals at DHL Express. To this end, we have been investing largely in our international network,” said Geoff Walsh, Country Manager, DHL Express UAE.

It is likely Europe and the Americas will announce their price hikes in the coming week or so.