DHL Express boosts annual general average prices

DHL Express has announced that it will boost its annual general average price according to local conditions in the different territories in which it works. The price increase is competitive with its rivals in the express delivery market – where in Germany DHL Express has raised the price by 3.9%, FedEx increased it by 4.9%.

According to the company the price increase is designed to allow for interest rates, inflation and still allow increased investment in its time definite delivery network. The firm has opened new hubs in Brussels and Singapore, while expanding its hub in Cincinnati OH.

The firm is investing in new territories as well, including new markets in Africa. It is increasing its air freighter fleet too with new aircraft for its intercontinental routes.

Though the company has increased prices globally, one price will remain the same – at DHL Express’s German Post Office branches for private customers. This should retain its home domestic trade.