DHL Express charters Condor aircraft for cargo

Major German holiday airline Condor has announced it is using four of its Boeing 767 planes to fly air cargo for DHL Express.

The flights began last week and have been based in Leipzig, DHL Express largest European hub. They have been flying on three routes – to Shannon, Ireland, Milan-Malpensa in Italy, and Cologne, Germany. DHL Express is to use Condor’s aircraft until the end of May.

“We began flying more cargo last year and continued to build on our air freight expertise. And we’re very pleased now to be working together with such an experienced partner in DHL Express,” says Condor COO Christian Schmitt. “The partnership also demonstrates Condor’s ability to adjust to unusual situations and, in this case, to work together with DHL to make an important contribution to maintaining international supply chains.” 

“This partnership between cargo and passenger carriers is unique,” adds Markus Otto, Senior Vice President Aviation Europe at DHL Express.
“It allows us to react even faster and more flexibly to the continued high demand for international express service. The additional capacity through Condor allows us to further improve service quality and transit times, and maintain our growth trajectory.”

To date, 14 of Condor’s aircraft have been converted to solely carry cargo while much of its passenger fleet remains grounded due to the pandemic. DHL Express is using the airline to meet increased demand for air cargo thanks to the changing demands on the logistics industry thanks to the outbreak of the disease. It has recently announced the purchase of additional Boeing 777F freighters to meet demand but while the orders are being fulfilled needs to charter other aircraft.