DHL Express invests in Istanbul air hub

DHL Express has invested €135 million in developing its Istanbul airport hub, where it operates a 42,000 square metre facility according to local media reports.

Explaining the company’s investments in Turkey, DHL Express Turkey CEO Claus Lassen said: “Istanbul has an excellent location. It is possible to reach a great number of countries with a two or three-hour flight from Istanbul. We are close to the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa thanks to Turkey’s location. If the conditions demand us to grow further in Turkey, we will expand our operations.”

Turkey has long been considered the ‘gateway to the Orient’ and with 41 countries within three hours flying (and 66 within five hours) this hasn’t changed from the point of view of logistics.

Lassen pointed out that the company has enjoyed a very good first half (H1) this year, securing double-digit growth. “Most of the expansion comes from export operations. I believe that our company will continue to grow in the second half of the year,” he said. In reference to e-commerce operations, Lassen drew attention to the sustainable growth of the sector in Turkey. “E-commerce constitutes 15% of our operations. Our main activity area in e-commerce is business-to-business (B2B) operations that expand continuously. Despite the ups and downs in the Turkish economy, we are optimistic in our projections for the country,” he added.


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