DHL Express trials hydrogen fuel cell truck

DHL Express is trialling a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck for long haul journeys. The vehicle will operate between Breda in the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium.

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are being heavily pushed for large goods vehicles thanks to the speed of refuelling compared to battery electric vehicles.

DHL Express is trialling the vehicle as part of the Interreg NW Europe program H2-Share, coordinated by WaterstofNet. This is a scheme to live road test FCEV trucks on European roads.

“In a globalized world, sustainable and clean fuels are essential for climate-neutral logistics. Not only for sea and air freight but also line-haul road freight, as these help reduce CO2 emissions,” says Alberto Nobis, CEO DHL Express Europe. “That’s why we engage not only in the electrification of our fleet but also invest in the development of alternative drive systems for very long ranges. The project shows that we can achieve truly emission-free logistics in Europe if we join forces and build on experience.”

The truck will do 200km a day on the run between the Netherlands and Belgium, refuelling at its base in Breda. DHL Express estimate that it will save 350 tonnes of CO2 during the pilot programme.

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