DHL extends Aschheim sorting centre

Deutsche Post DHL is extending its Aschheim parcel centre with a new, 67,000 square metre unit next door. This will make the sorting centre the biggest in Germany.

Set to open in 2022 the newly expanded unit will have the capacity to sort 72,000 parcels an hour thanks to the additional 40,000 an hour parcel capacity of the new unit that will be connected by road tunnel under Klausnerstrasse. Both parts of the extended unit will have a shared entrance and parking area. 500 new jobs will be created.

“With the new parcel center, we are creating urgently needed additional sorting capacities for the supply of people in the greater Munich area and in large parts of Upper Bavaria in a parcel market that continues to grow rapidly. We are not only relying on the latest sorting technology, but also on a consistently sustainable construction concept,” explains Tobias Meyer, board member for post & parcel Germany at Deutsche Post DHL Group.