DHL Freight customs solution

International logistics company DHL Freight has introduced a new customs clearance service that will enable customers bringing goods into the EU to have a transparent and easy customs clearance system. This should enable non-EU companies to sell their goods into the 26 member nations with much greater ease than up to now.

From now the service is available to shipments coming into the EU via the Netherlands. An automated inbound solution developed by Gerlach, DHL Freight’s customs division, allows non-EU customers to sell their products on the European market without having to develop their own infrastructure.

People buying from the non-EU companies now get their goods delivered at home as opposed to picking them up at the customs office and paying their import duties on site.

Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight said, “With the global business environment constantly changing, many countries are becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to goods transportation across borders”.

“To partner with a trusted customs provider, which is able to handle the entire customs processing is crucial for companies’ success, particularly when it comes to tapping into markets where they do not have a physical presence.”

Marc Bernitt, Global Head of Customs at DHL Freight explained, “The new customs clearance solution not only reduces the burden for non-EU sellers, who until now needed a physical presence in a country to run import activities, it also capitalizes on beneficial duty and VAT regimes at a minimum administrative level, all aimed at efficiently facilitating bulk clearances within the European Union. The product completes our service offering and will be available for multimodal transport services as well as a standalone solution.”

The solution has already been successfully piloted and is currently being used by shippers from Asia and the US. Goods are sent by air and ocean to DHL’s gateway in the Netherlands. An integrated inbound clearance procedure enables direct distribution of parcels and pallets around Europe.