DHL Freight linking Asia, North Africa and Europe

DHL Freight is to link its Asian overland and intermodal transportation operations with those in North Africa and Europe, while expanding its multimodal network. It is also enhancing this offering through its Duisburg hub in Germany.

In a statement today DHL added, “Of particular interest to companies that can’t necessarily fill a full container on their own, the logistics supplier is also offering the option of consolidating shipments at the DHL Freight Terminal Duisburg. DHL customers thus have the opportunity to design intercontinental supply chains in an uncomplicated fashion and can additionally leverage the time and cost advantages of rail transportation compared with sea or air freight alternatives.”

Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight said, “Use of rail networks as a transport route between Asia and Europe has proven to be a highly effective solution at DHL and is very well received by our customers as a genuine alternative.

“In this connection, Duisburg plays a key role as a transport hub. Shorter routes to customers and excellent intermodal connections provide many opportunities for faster delivery and the leveraging of cost advantages. We therefore intend to consistently expand this segment.

“Through our new LCL products in the DHL Railconnect segment, we can leverage the strengths of our overland transport networks to the great benefit of our customers. And we can do so all the way to North Africa. We already have customers whose commodity flows can thus be processed from China via Europe to Tunisia through the multimodal combination of road, rail and short-sea.”