DHL Freight – surcharge and driver recruitment programme

Effective September to December this year, DHL Freight is instituting a Peak Season Surcharge.

The DHL Freight surcharge is set to be an average of 4% and applies to full truckload (FTL), part truckload (PTL) and less than truckload (LTL) consignments across Europe. As demand outgrows capacity the surcharge is designed to enable the firm to offer the highest quality of service.

Martin Leopold, CSO DHL Freight said: “The shortage of drivers and constantly increasing road freight demand are further constraining the available capacity. We therefore expect capacity challenges similar in 2018. We have and will secure additional capacities for our customers. However, to ensure the high level of service quality and reliability our customers expect, we have to add a Peak Season Surcharge of average 4%.”

At the other end of the system, DHL has started a driver recruitment programme in an attempt to tackle its driver shortage. So far more than 50 drivers have been hired at the pilot sites in Germany, enabling the company to roll out 30 new high technology trucks.

The driver shortage across the freight and parcels industry has impacted trade across Europe as young people take issue with the training fees that may be beyond those in the very pool of unemployed that the sector wishes to attract. DHL Freight as such is not the only company offering apprenticeships and training programmes. It remains to be seen whether such programmes achieve the results the industry badly needs.


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